JMT Trip, Hiking From:
Hi I'm Kevin Aston, I have
made two attempts to hike
the trail, but had to exit in
2006 with my hiking buddy
having hurt his back, and in
2007 with me having hurt
my back. I plan on finishing
the stretch from over Piute
pass to the portal in 2008.
Each of us when we hurt
our backs we were 52 years
old. None of us  will be 52 in
2008, so we can get it done.
We exited in 2006 from Vermilion, and in 2007 over Piute Pass. That is
where we exited, and by the time we got out I was feeling like I blew it and
should have finished the hike, but it was to late. I have had two back
surgeries, including
L4-L5, and L5-S1 in 1997, L2-L3, and a neck
fusion joining C5-6-7
in 2005. In in some ways it is amazing that I can do
this at all. We will be entering the North Lake trail head the 6th of July.  
Our plan is to exit the Portal on the 18th. Hope to see some of you there.
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