Reds Meadows to Lake of the
Lone Indian on the Fish Creek
trail, 2007 trip
This tree is in the Reds Meadows Campground. I couldn't resist taking a
couple of pictures. I don't know what kind of animal it looks like, but the sun
came out just right to make a branch look like the white of its eye, and the
pose with it's raised tail looked like it is about to get down to business. We
had arrived here with Jeff, Teri and I  driving from Orem Utah, through Las
Vegas, and Death Valley to get here. Mapquest's suggestion. What a  bad
choice that was. The road through death Valley was nicely paved, and we
drove at night, so it wasn't so
hot, but the directions we got
didn't say the 120 miles or so
were on a 35 mile per hour roller
coaster road. We got our
permits in Lone Pine, caught the
shuttle to Mammoth, where we
got a rental car so we could pick
up Tom from the Reno airport.
We set up camp, then Jeff got
his dad Tom, while Teri and I
enjoyed some  daddy daughter
time, and also visited the hot
   In 2006 we had hiked from
Reds to Chief Lake by way of
Duck Creek. We decided to take
a different path to get to Chief
Lake in 2007. We chose Fish
Creek and had originally
planned to go through Cascade
Valley, but decided later to take
the Minnow Creek trail. This led
us through 5 miles of burnt out
forest, but wasn't too bad until
the drop off to the Fish Creek
Bridge.  I was glad that we were
going down that instead of up. It
was big rocks and steep. We
had hoped to stop at some hot
pots, but by the time we got to
the turn to the hot pots it was
too late and we were too tired. I
later regretted going that way as
it was much harder and less
scenic than taking the Duck
Lake, Tully's Hole route and
everything we went down, we
had to go right back up that
much on the other end of the
valley. It was also at least 5
miles longer through Fish Creek
than the other way, and we
dropped into a bottomless pit we
had to hike out of.  
    Water became scarce and I
got water out of a pine needle
filled hole that was close to
undrinkable. Of course right
after I suffered through some of
that water there was a little
trickle coming down the hillside
that was quite pleasant.
    You can see here on the left
the hole we had to climb out of
to get out of Fish Creek.
   When we stopped for the
night it was getting dark. It was
a little tricky finding a place to
stay where there was room for
our tents between the rocks.  
We were quite hot and sweaty
when we stopped and hung up
much of our clothing so it could
    We tried all freeze dried food
this trip. To make it easier on
cooking one of our first meals
we through every into one pot
and let it do its thing. We
needed the nourishment, but
chocking down that wallpaper
paste was terrible.  Teri and I
did our food separate from then
on.  Teri often doesn't eat
though, because she doesn't
like the food. Her energy level
plummeted and she had some
real hard times.
   Soon we saw these stairs that
lead to the Lake of the Lone
Indian. I set my back down to
take this picture and heard
something fall. I looked and it
was my fishing reel. I hadn't
even used it yet this trip.  
YUCK! Down on a grassy
meadow, next to the water was
the remains of someones small
pack horse. One of the legs still
had a horse shoe on it.  We
walked by and looked at the
lake, anxious to get over Silver
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