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Introduction to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

•  History of the Church
•  Joseph Smith
•  The First Vision
•  Restoration
•  Restoration of the priesthood
  •  Authority to baptize
  •  Authority of Apostles
•  Translation of the Book of Mormon
•  Brigham Young
•  Pioneers
•  Settling of Salt Lake
•  Other leaders
•  The contributions of women in the Church
•  Women and the priesthood
•  Church growth
•  The Church today
•  Quick facts about the Church
•  Holidays and other special occasions
•  Religious practices
•  Other common practices
•  What rules do members of the Church follow?
•  Who can join the Church?
•  Temples around the world
•  Membership
•  Organization
•  Leadership structure
•  Salt Lake City headquarters
•  Places to see
•  Missionary work
•  Missionaries
•  Temples
•  Family history
•  Humanitarian efforts
•  Local congregations
•  Organizations within the congregation
•  Church service
•  Tabernacle Choir
Index for the
Teachings of The
Church Of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day

•  The Church in the news
•  Major news stories
•  Upcoming events
•  Basic beliefs
•  Summary of beliefs•  Joining Christ’s Church
•  First principles and ordinances
•  Faith
•  Repentance
•  Baptism
•  What is a baptismal service like?
•  Gift of the Holy Ghost
•  Belief in Christ
•  The Holy Bible
•  Scriptures
•  The Book of Mormon
•  Scriptures
•  Other scriptures
•  Families
•  Morality
•  The law of chastity
•  The Word of Wisdom
•  Living prophets
•  Continuing revelation
•  The law of tithing
•  Commandments
•  Ten Commandments
•  Daily living
•  Divine priesthood authority
•  Women and the priesthood
•  How can The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints help my life?
•  What do I do next?
•  How do I know that this is true?
•  How do I pray?
•  How do I get an answer to my prayer?
•  How can I learn more?
•  Come and worship with us
•  Resources to read and study
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