Dog and Guy falling through the ice
at Tibble Fork Reservoir 11/29/03
I was fly fishing on the stream going into Tibble Fork Reservoir. I always take a camera. I was
motivated to take this picture for several reasons.
One: A dog had fallen through the ice. Two:
People were trying to save it.
Three: Some of the people were being smart and going out on a
floating device so that if they broke through the ice they would still be OK.
Four: One guy thought
he could do it faster by going out in his little plastic sled.
Five: He fell through the ice too. Six:
The rescue changed from saving the dog to saving the guy.
Seven: There were several other
people going out on the ice and I expected at any moment that the ice might give way and several
people would be swimming. The dog did not want to have anything to do with the guys trying to
help it, and kept swimming back and forth on the other side of the hole from where the would be
rescuers were. The dog finally got out on his own and ran across the ice to his owners up in the
parking lot, who did not even know that he had fallen through the ice.