about $700 for the steaks, showers,  eggs, more
food, laundry, more food, ferry rides, and shipping
for our supply boxes, and a shirt for my wife saying
that she had survived the road to Vermilion Camp
Ground (77). It doesn't look like it in the picture,
but it was 22 miles of a winding single lane road
that as we drove out, I was amazed that my wife
had found us at all.  We took some shortcuts that
she had missed, visited Yosemite and looked at
the things we had missed on our way in, and then
made our 2 day trip home to Utah.  Before we got
home we were planning our trip in 2007 to finish
the hike. We have a year to get rid of back
problems, and get better prepared, but we have to
wait for a year to reach our goal. Can't wait!!!!

Hiking Reds Meadows
to Thomas Edison
Lake, and Vermillion  
I have already shown
pictures 56 & 59 on the
previous page. Both
were at Reds Meadows.
The trail goes through
the horse riding stables
and heads up from
there. There is another
trail just below the
stables that follows the
river and is not the JMT.
Just past the mule we
walked into a forest (60)  
burned out about 10
years ago. We saw deer
and birds, a skunk and
walked through some of
the nastiest weeds we
had seen the whole trip.  
The trail was overgrown
in several places. I was
glad I had on long pants
as they were really
scratchy weeds.
Red Cone was along the
way (61). The closer you get the harder it is
to see. After you pass the cone you get into
a couple of meadows and then you get six
miles of hell. No water, no grass, not a good
trail much of it. 62 shows the trail. We
passed two teams of mules on this stretch.
The trail was so chewed up and dry that it
was miserable. We hit two little streams
about 1 mile from Duck Lake trail but waited
To get water until the larger
stream at that trail junction.
63 show the stream coming
from Duck Lake, and 64
show some of the plant life
where we stopped for dinner. We
hiked up the switchbacks to the
more level trail. There was a place
near the top of the switchbacks that
would have been a good camping
spot with water and a view. We
went on to Purple Lake where we
camped.  Purple lake was crowded
and had more mosquitoes than any
other place so far. I tried to fish
there and it wasn't worth the blood I
was asked to donate.
We camped close to where the trail
forked. We got going in the morning,
but Tom was having some severe
back problems.  He was cramping up
bad. As he and Geoff stopped to rest I
went on to Virginia Lake (65) and did
some fishing. I caught several fish,
one of which is shown in 65A. Click it
for a larger picture. It was a Volcano
Creek Golden trout. The first golden
trout I had ever caught. Found out it is
             the California State fish.          
              We hiked from there along
             the side of the mountain
             and I looked way down in a
             valley and was glad to be
             where I was. Little did I know
                                                                       That I  was about to hike down there, and it was Tully's Hole. 66 shows the switchbacks
                                                                       that we had to go down. They almost look like a stair case. The  elevation drop was
                                                                       about 1200 feet. At the bottom of the switchbacks Tom rolled out his sleeping pad and
                                                                       worked on his sore back. I walked down to the stream in the background of 66 and
                                                                       caught 5 more fish. I got back up to where Tom and Geoff were resting and joined them
                                                                       for another 1/2 hour then started down the trail. We had a less severe decent for
                                                                       another 400 feet until we crossed the Fish Creek Bridge (67).  We refilled on water al a
                                                                       little stream just across the bridge. Tom was hurting so bad that he was close to tears.
                                                                       We took another break, then Tom headed off.  Geoff was a little slower and  suggested
                                                                       that I went ahead to catch Tom. I caught Tom just below Squaw Lake (68) getting water and we
went to Chief Lake. We had planned on camping there, but didn't know how long it would take Geoff to get there.  Tom laid down and I went
fishing. I caught about 10 fish with one of them being a
blue colored trout.  I had never seen one like this before. A couple of old guys came
there while I was fishing and one of them stripped down and walked into the lake letting out a scream about how cold it was. Since there was
snow going into the lake on the back side, I don't wonder that it was cold. When I got back to Tom, Geoff was there and we decided to keep
going. We hoped that we could get to Thomas Edison Lake in time to catch the ferry in the morning. (70) is Tom going up the snow bank to
the top of Silver Pass.  We put the camera on a rock and let it take a picture
of us on the pass (71). There were a couple of girls there that invited us to camp by them, but
we kept on going. We stopped by Silver Pass Lake to eat dinner. I went fishing there and
caught some weird looking snub nosed trout with a golden stripe along their belly.  I found this
is a Kern Creek Golden Trout (72A). I caught 6 of them. The only place I could catch them was
in the lake where there was a stream entering the lake. We enjoyed our dinner but not the
mosquitoes. We headed down the mountain and went until it started to get dark. We hurried to
set up camp and did a little laundry, then hit the sac with the top open on our tent. Every once
in a while the lighting would light up the sky.  It seemed far enough away that we wouldn't have
any problem, but we were wrong.  About 3am I got up to put the top on the tent as it started to
sprinkle. Tom and Geoff heard me and got up and helped cover the packs, and get the top on
the tent. We had planned on getting up early to get to the ferry, but were not motivated to get
up and put camp away in the continuing rain.  Finally it stopped about 7 and we headed out. We had some major river crossings.  The river
was high because of the rain. One of the tricky crossings was at the falls shown in (73). The falls came down a steep slope and this small
                                                                                                 crossing place ended to the right in a drop off. The slick rocks made it
                                                                                                 dangerous and scary.
Plants at Silver Pass Lake
The sign in (74) is just as
you head off of the main
trail and off to the ferry
landing.  This trail was
rocky, muddy,  steep,
windy and not they type
of trail I wanted to hike
on when I was in a hurry,
but we hurried to get to
the ferry and made it with
about 15 minutes to
spare. There was a boat
full ready to ride. The drivers were good
at showing us osprey nests and other
points of interest along the way.  The
ride was $10 each one way.  (75) shows
from the side of the ferry as we were
heading to Vermilion. (76) is Geoff on
the left, Tom, Jim the owner of the resort,
and myself Kevin.  We had come to the
conclusion that with the back problems
Tom was having that it would be stupid to
continue on.  My wife and kids were
going to meet us here to pick up the
extra food that we were not going to use
since they had all bailed.  They got to
take us out also.  I was pretty frustrated
at having to quit. This had been in the
planing and prep stages for 9 months
and I wasn't ready to put this
baby to bed....until my wife told
me I could not continue on my
own. We stayed there for a
couple of days and gave Jim
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