Vermillion Bridge to Sallie Keyes Lake 2007
We thought!!!!
Waterfall on the way to Bear Creek
Towards Vermillion
Taking a break
Approaching Marie Lake
Leaving Marie Lake
Seldon Pass 10,900 ft
Approaching Heart Lake
Golden Trout caught at Sallie
Keyes  Lake
Sunset at Muir Ranch Camp
Meadows to
Donohue Pass  
Donohue Pass to
Reds Meadows
Reds Meadows to
Vermillion Camp
Ground 2006.
Over Piute Pass
Muir Ranch to
Evolution 2007
Vermilion Bridge
to Muir Ranch
Lake 2007
Lone Indian to
Vermilion Bridge
Reds Meadow to
Lake of the Lone
Indian 2007
JMT Trip Pictures
Hiking From:
Yosemite Valley to
Meadows 06
JMT Trip
Hiking From:
On to Evolution (almost)
Muir Ranch to Evolution 2007
   This was a five mile day. We were tired of the bugs, and though we had planned a day off, we decided to get up to Bear Creek for the night. The
climb out from Vermillion Bridge was reasonably steep, but shaded
with brush growing from the wet side hill. We soon left that environment for a
dry pine forest. We met up with a lady and her daughter. The mom was hiking the JMT as a celebration of her beating cancer. Each of her kids
were walking part of the trail with her.
    We found a camping spot for the night and then pushed on to Sallie Keyes the next day. There was some pretty view and Teri and I were ready
to set up camp when we got to the Keyes. We caught some fish and cooked them, but then Tom motivated us to move on to Muir Ranch. I was
wearing hiking boots. I have never been a fan of boots, I am a Keen sort of person. My feet were already hurting, I had blisters under some toe
nails, and I hobbled all the way to Muir Ranch. We got our supplies, found us a camp, and I stuck those boots in the bucket and had them ship
them home for me.